Made to order turnaround time is 6 weeks. For orders needed sooner please message us first and we may be able to accommodate.

Custom Orders Info

Thank you so much for inquiring about a custom order from us! On this page is all the information you might be wondering about customs, if you have any additional questions about customs please contact us and we would be happy to help.

What's the custom process?

First you will contact us, which you can do through dm's on instagram/twitter or email. We respond quicker through dm's but emails will still work. Let us know what you are thinking and we will go back and forth until we decide on the perfect item(s), quote you a price, and then make your custom listing. We take all payments up front. We will then send your custom to you according to the current custom turnaround time.

How do I pick my fabric?

You can pick any fabric we have in our store or that we post on our socials (if still available) or you can get a new fabric. We don't have a specific list of fabric to choose from because fabrics are constantly changing in their availability. If you want a new fabric please give us a direction such as a pattern or color and we can find some amazing samples for you to choose from.

Can you recreate this item from a different designer?

NO. Please come with us with ideas and not pictures from other designers. If you send us a picture from a designer asking to replicate we will respectfully decline. We do original work only!

I want a custom but I don't know what I want, how do I choose?

A great way to start is to look through our page and socials and see if anything catches your eye! We can go from there and we will be with you 100% through the whole process and help you if you are unsure.

What is the turnaround time for customs?

The turnaround time varies depending on our current workload but is usually at least up to 6 weeks (depending on current workload can be longer or shorter). We are willing to work with your deadlines within reason, just ask us! Please keep in mind if you take a while to purchase your custom listing your turnaround time is subject to change.

How much do customs cost?

The cost of customs depend on the style, fabric, and complexity of design. If it is a brand new design with a new fabric this will up the charge. Styles and fabrics we already have will make the price cheaper. The prices start at around $80 and go up to $200+

Here is a rough estimate of examples of pricing for customs (subject to change):

Triangle Set: $80

Bodysuit: $100

New Design Set: $180

Do you do payment plans?

Yes! We offer Shopify Pay Installments which is similar to Afterpay. You can choose to pay for this at checkout.

How do I purchase my custom?

All payments are done through We will set up a listing with your username/name and you will purchase through here. We do not take payments through venmo, cashapp etc.

Will you send me a picture of my custom before you send it?

ALWAYS. Additionally if it is a new design we will usually make a sample first and send you pictures throughout the process in case you want to tweak the design.

Will my custom be recreated or will it be for me only?

A lot of the times we get requests to recreate custom orders and in some cases we have gotten so many inquiries we add it to the store. This helps our small business tremendously as it gives us more business! But if you do not want us to do this please let us know. We are more than happy to reserve your custom for you and you only. Please keep in mind even if you request this we might recreate the same design in a different fabric or use the same fabric in a different design. Also keep in mind we are an extremely small store and the chance of you running into someone in your same design is highly unlikely and every business helps us!