Made to order turnaround time is 6 weeks. For orders needed sooner please message us first and we may be able to accommodate.

Custom Orders

To place a custom order request please complete the following steps (and thoroughly read everything on this page) :

1. Buy the "Custom Order Deposit" which is a non-refundable deposit of $10. This will go towards your custom order. If you decide to not go through with your custom order you will not get this back.

2. Go to this form and fill out everything. Please be descriptive and specific as possible. ****I absolutely DO NOT recreate other designers work**** Please be aware of my three week made to order timeline. Sometimes I may be able to get an item sooner to you but it is not guaranteed.


I get many custom order requests and spend a lot of my time sourcing fabrics, sketching etc. Too many times I have put so much effort into these requests and then the other party stops responding, this way I know you are serious and nobody's time has to be wasted. The deposit will go towards your custom order, so for example if your custom order is $80 you will only have to pay $70.