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About Us

Daisydaydreamz began in the summer of 2015 while I was still in college obtaining my marketing degree. I had always loved live music and had just recently discovered the magical and amazing world of rave culture the previous year. One of the things I loved most about festivals is that you could wear whatever you wanted and people had the coolest sparkly fun out there outfits that I adored. But sadly being a broke af college student I was forced to make my own rave outfits, specifically rave bras. I've always been a crafty bish and realized I was somewhat decent at bedazzling sparkly bras, so I made an Etsy just for funsies and uploaded a few designs. I got my first sale two weeks later and stuck to rave bras and sparkly accessories until I realized I wanted something more. So I learned how to sew and released my first ever handmade clothing in March of 2019 and the company grew to where it is today! I never thought my side hustle would become my EVERYTHING and I am so blessed and thankful that I get to share my creations with yall.

Good vibes alwayzzz,

Anna- Founder of DDD